Our teachers know their students and work with them to help them realise their potential as learners. Our focus on authentic learning and authentic assessment ensures that we challenge our students to grow in their learning and achieve their personal best.

Throughout our community of Sydney Catholic schools, we have shown high performance of our students in measures such as NAPLAN and the HSC.

St Joseph’s Moorebank, STEM and Gifted Education

Since 2018 St Josephs has successfully introduced STEM based learning activities, projects and challenges to a variety of students at different ages and stages of learning.

We have engaged the students to solve STEM problems using some of the following resources:

  • Bee bots have been used within the school to teach students in Kindergarten and Year 1 to the basic concept of programming a robot. 
  • The Scratch Coding app introduces younger students  to visual block coding. They drag the coding blocks and ‘snap’ them together in order to move the character. 
  • ‘Bloxels’ kits are used to continue to develop the students’ knowledge of coding. Students create a grid with coloured blocks that can be arranged in different patterns to create interactive characters, landscapes and virtual worlds. The use of an iPad application together with the bloxels brings the block creations to life on the screen.
  • The Spheros are a programmable robot ball designed to inspire creativity and curiosity and collaboration through coding. They again used ‘block’ coding but on a more complex level. 
  • Makey Makey is used as an  effective tool to teach concepts that relate to electricity, circuits, basic programming, and cause and effect.
  • The Micro Bits Kits are used in the Enrichment Class as well as Stage 3 to instil computational thinking, enhanced learning, and problem-solving across multiple disciplines.

our history

In 2019, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Moorebank was place among a suite of western and south west Sydney schools  that achieve ‘above’ or substantially above’  similar schools in at least three subjects across both Years 3 and 5.

See how we compared to the national average: NAPLAN Results 2019

Our school took part in this year’s National Synchronised Reading, as our wonderful teachers recorded the story to share through remote learning.